For the Undecided Hanukkah Gift Shopper

Hanukkah will be here before you even know it. Have you decided what gifts you are going to get your family members, significant others, friends, and even coworkers? And though some people out there are endowed with the unique ability to easily decide on a gift for everyone on their list, many of us still deal with the headaches of many, many mall visits trying to find the right present for each recipient and then just leaving frustrating and empty-handed.

Even if most people on your list are easy to shop for, there will always be one of those hard-to-gift individual’s name written there. No matter who you have on your Hanukkah gift list – a mom, dad, significant other, brother, sister, friend, or anyone else – it needs to be perfect. Here are three tips to assist you finding the right gift for Hanukkah!

Tip #1: Brainstorming

First things first, you need to find direction to start shopping around. No, this does not require the use of a compass but just a few minutes for you to think. Does this person have any hobbies? Are they very into fashion? What books does the person like to read? Are they going on a trip soon? Did they just move to a new home? These are great questions to start with. Remember their age, gender, and relationship status when looking for a gift. And if you know they like a certain store but do not know what they like in the store, go with gift certificates. While some may find these gifts to be impersonal and last minute, they actually work as really smart gifts.

Tip #2: Shipping Times

With the advent of the internet, many of us do our Hanukkah shopping online. And if you cannot decide on a gift, chances are the first candle lighting is coming up soon and you are still without gifts to give. And yes, while you have eight nights to get a gift to the right person, you want it to you as soon as possible. It is always beneficial to research websites offering options for expedited shipping. While you may pay a bit more, you can be assured you will get your order by the day you need it.

Tip #3: Simple Order Process

Continuing with the online shopping theme, always choose websites that make the ordering process simple. You are probably already under the gun in buying Hanukkah gifts and you certainly do not want a million hoops to go through to have your order processed and on its way. Choose websites that make it simple to browse though. Just like you do not want to get lost in the aisles of an unorganized brick-and-mortar shop, you do not want to get lost in an online shop as well. Create a plan of action – “I am going to go to X, Y, and Z links”.

The goal is to ensure a non-stressful holiday where you can enjoy gift giving among your friends and family as you take pleasure in latkas, jelly filled donuts, lighting the menorah, and spinning the dreidel. Take a deep breath and relax. Revel in the notion that no matter what Hanukkah gifts you buy, the recipient is sure to love them!

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