Celebrating the Jewish Bat & Bar Mitzvah

Becoming a bar/bat mitzvah happens only once in life. During this life changing event, honor the bar/bat mitzvah by giving a gift with meaning and personally inscribing your loved one's Hebrew name onto a Hebrew Name Necklace, or their English Name onto a Magen David Name Necklace. You can even get them a lovely personalized hebrew ring. Follow this link to our selection of specialized and unique Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts.

Discover the Range of Options

Choose to give something simple by putting your loved one's Hebrew name onto the Vertical Silver Hebrew Print Name Necklace or the Personalized Silver Engraved Name Ring. Add a touch of sparkle with the Silver Hebrew Print Name Necklace with Middle Heart and Swarovski Crystal. Or choose from our selection of symbolic Jewish charms such as the:Chai inside the Star of David Acrylic Necklace, Hamsa Necklace or a beautiful Star of David Necklace.

If I can't decide on just one?

Our selection of bat and bar mitzvah gifts grow even further when you choose to engrave the combination of a Jewish symbol and your loved one's name. Options include the Jewish star with the Double thickness Silver Magen David Name Necklace or the Silver Star of David Hebrew Name Necklace. Our experts will be happy to assist with any question or comments you may have.

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