Cookie policy

What are Cookies?

While most people know of the cookies that are eaten as a great snack, the “cookies” being referred to here are small data files online businesses use to collect information.
Cookies are placed on a user’s computer, mobile phone, or tablets, as they browse a website. These cookies ‘remember’ the customer and make it much easier to shop online.

Cookies help retailers tailor fit their website to display products and services that fit their customer base.

Cookies collect information regarding a customer’s browsing behavior and purchase history.
Information collected includes how a customer arrived to the website, which pages they viewed, and what items they put in their shopping cart and purchase.
However, cookies are not used to record personal information, such as customers’ name, address, and payment information.

What are Cookies Used For?

Here are the main uses for cookies:

  • To maintain effective technical operation of the website.
  • To allow Israel Blessing to collect valuable information regarding the shopping and browsing habits of all customers, including the ability to monitor sales, campaigns, and other services.
  • To enable Israel Blessing to create effective advertisements targeted to specific people.

Can I Disable Cookies?

Yes, customers can disable cookies if they would like to.
To do this, customers need to change the settings on their website browser to reject the implementation of cookies. Removal of cookies depends on what browser a person uses.
It is very simple to go online and research how to disable cookies on a browser.

Please note that if cookies are disabled, a website may not fully function at 100%.
It is possible that when cookies are disabled, it will be impossible to make a purchase from the website.

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