Kabbalah 14k Yellow Gold Necklace

Kabbalah 14k Yellow Gold Necklace

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Personalize your own Kabbalah necklace. Choose any of the 72 combinations of three Hebrew letters from the table below. This unique handmade 14k solid gold pendant comes with a 14k gold Twist chain.


72 Kabbalah Combinations

1. Time Travel
2. Recapturing the Sparks
3. Miracle Making
4. Eliminating Negative Thoughts
5. Healing
6. Dream State
7. DNA of the Soul
8. Defusing Negative Energy
9. Angelic Influences
10. Looks Can Kill
11. Banishing the Remnants of Evil
12. Unconditional Love
13. Heaven on Earth
14. Farwell to Arms
15. Long Range Vision
16. Dumping Depression
17. Great Escape
18. Fertility
19. Dialing God
20. Victory over Addictions
21. Eradicate Plague
22. Stop Fatal Attraction
23. Sharing the Flame
24. Jealousy
25. Speak Your Mind
26. Order From Chaos
27. Silent Partner
28. Soul Mate
29. Removing Hatred
30. Building Bridges
31. Finish What You Start
32. Memories
33. Revealing the Dark Side
34. Forget Thyself
35. Sexual Energy
36. Fearless

37. The Big Picture
38. Circuitry
39. Diamond in the Rough
40. Speaking the Right Words
41. Self-Esteem
42. Revealing the Concealed
43. Defying Gravity
44. Sweetening Judgment
45. The Power of Prosperity
46. Absolute Certainty
47. Global Transformation
48. Unity
49. Happiness
50. Enough is Never Enough
51. No Guilt
52. Passion
53. No Agenda
54. The Death of Death
55. Thought into Action
56. Dispelling Anger
57. Listening to Your Soul
58. Letting Go
59. Umbilical Cord
60. Freedom
61. Water
62. Parent-Teacher, Not Preacher
63. Appreciation
64. Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light
65. Fear of God
66. Accountability
67. Great Expectations
68. Contacting Departed Souls
69. Lost and Found
70. Recognizing the Design Beneath Disorder
71. Prophecy & Parallel Universes
72. Spiritual Cleansing
Please select the Kabbalah letters combination from the table below.
Please feel free to Email us with any special requests or questions.
Material:14k Yellow Gold
Style:Hebrew font
Thickness:0.4mm / 0.02"
Measurements:8mm / 0.31"
Chain style:14k Gold Twist Chain
Chain length:14",16",18"
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